Stockholm 17 Playing Cards

Stockholm 17 playing cards produce some of the best fully customised collectible playing cards available on the market. Designed by Lorenzo Gaggiotti in Stockholm Sweden.


This is the 5th version of the series, counting V1 Cardlauncher edition (2014) by MPC, V2 Bicycle branded and V3 No.17 in white (2015) by USPCC, V4 No.17 Le Chat Rouge by EPCC (2015-2016).

This is not a limited edition and it might be reprinted in case of demand.

You will notice a blend of the previous variants.

  • Cards Printed by USPCC 

  • Cards Paper stock: classic grade.

  • 56 cards poker size

  • Ace of Spades from No.17 V2-V3

  • Custom court cards slightly revised.

  • Custom pips layout on number cards

  • Custom Jokers (same as Le Chat Rouge)

  • 55th card: 17 of diamonds (same as Le Chat Rouge)

  • 56th card: JACK-O card from No.17 V2-V3

  • Tuck-box in black with red metallic foil, embossing, inner foiled graphics with a chevron pattern.

  • No seal