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Bicycle Alchemy 1977 England playing cards would look right at home on the back of a leather jacket, as a new tattoo, or splashed on the soundboard of your Les Paul. Alchemy 1977, a company known for its alternative jewelry, games, clothing, and collectibles, designed each card for this unique deck. With every shuffle, you’ll see skulls, fantasy and steampunk characters, intricately designed suit symbols, and more.

The Bicycle® Alchemy England Deck features original artwork on the front and back of each card. The decks were printed in the USA at The United States Playing Card Company and printed on premium stock with a quality finish.


Enter a world of epic fantasy, magical creatures, and enchanted spells.

The fantasy art of Anne Stokes is featured on book covers, board games, merchandising—and now, playing cards. Stokes designed each card herself, giving every individual card its own distinctive art.

The Bicycle® Anne Stokes Collection Dark Hearts Deck features original artwork on the front and back of each card. These decks were printed in the USA at The United States Playing Card Company and printed on premium stock with a quality finish.

There are not enough products in stock

Anne Stokes steampunk playing cards feature original artwork from the legendary Anne Stokes. Each card is beautifully designed to bring you a mechanical fantasy world. A must for any playing card collector.

There are not enough products in stock

The Black Rider Back playing cards are a must for anyone who loves gameplay, magic or cardistry.

It's a true all round go to deck. The fact that it is black is a nice change from the red and blue deck people usually have, so it stands out. Our owner has had an open deck (no tuck case) of these cards on his deck for months. Even though they are aged, they still fan, riffle and spring easily, a real testament for their longevity.

So if you looking for a deck to use everyday, that's relatively cheap and will last. Grab a few decks of these today before they are gone.

Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)


There is something about the way that the Bicycle Civil War playing cards look that just make them more enjoyable to use. Designed by Jackson Robinson and printed by the USPCC on a standard air cushioned retail stock these cards feel as almost good as they look.

It’s a deck your just keep picking up. Custom pips, fonts and court cards. One of our favourite ace of spades. All round beautifully designed deck that is really different.

Although listed as available in red & blue. You will find that the blue civil war playing cards are more of a U.S. dollar green colour.

All round great deck you will really enjoy.


Guardian playing cards were a joint venture between Theory 11 and United States Playing Card Company. This means you can get the USPCC version or the Theory 11 version. While the Theory 11 version was limited and now out of print. This USPCC version is very common.

Whether you’re interested in magic or cardistry, this deck has you covered. With its enhanced flexibility and strength, the Bicycle® Guardians Deck maintains its shape longer and provides steadier handling to give you greater control and confidence whenever you need it.

Guardians playing cards sharpen the mind and improve sleight of hand with tips and tricks for the beginner magician in us all.


Karnival Renegades can be integrated with standard bicycle cards and other decks from the Karnival-Inc range (Karnival Original, Karnival Midnight and Karnival Assassins) for creating super cool routines!

Brought to you by BigBlindMedia, the Bicycle Karnival Deck has the USPCC world famous Air Flow Finish for superb handling and unparalleled durability.

This incredible new limited edition design for the Bicycle Deck was created by renowned French artist Sam Hayles.

An amazing (and super subtle) one way back design. You can spot reversed cards even in a face down ribbon spread!

Two amazing card reveals built into the deck:
- A bonus card which says 'You will choose the Six Of Clubs'
- One of the Jokers has an '4 of Spades ' tucked into the band of his hat!