Deck Accessories

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Poker size plastic playing card storage box made from recyclable polypropylene. The lid sits over the top of the bottom box, giving it a clean and sleek design.

Great for storing / protecting your card collection.

  • UK manufactured
  • Made from transparent polypropylene plastic
  • The plastic box is designed to store a pack of standard sized playing cards
  • Brilliant for storing, packaging and presenting printed media
  • Clean and sleek base and lid design
  • Internal (L x W x D) 9.5cm x 7cm x 2cm

We have tried these on playing cards from Theory11, Ellusionist, Dan & Dave and Bicycle. All fit snuggly. Perfect for old cards with damaged tuck cases or cards that have lost tuck cases.

Save 20% when ordering 10 or more.

Price is per box.

Cards shown not included.

There are not enough products in stock

This beautiful transparent case enables your deck of cards to be fully displayed, while also protecting your cards in all directions. Your cards can be displayed with or without their cardboard case.

And - if you are a card collector, this is a beautiful and elegant way to display your collection.

We have chosen the top acrylic material. This not only adds beauty and protection, but it also feels nice in your hand.

Most of the cards produced by USPCC can be placed into this case. Regardless of the long side and wide side gap, we control our measurements within 1-2mm, so that every card can fit perfectly.


The Carat XDS Single Card Display Deck Stand elegantly displays your favorite playing card while keeping it protected from potential damage or harm. The Carat XDS also can be used as a deck stand to show off your favorite deck.

The case edges are beveled, and the corners are rounded for a more elegant look and feel.

The display panel is made up of two pieces of clear archival quality acrylic attached by 4 neodymium magnet pairs, which provide a strong bond while still allowing for easy access to the card inside.

The back piece of the display panel has a cutout the shape of a poker-sized playing card so that your card is easily centered in the display. There is also some space between the two pieces, reducing the risk of damage to your precious card.

There are not enough products in stock

Carat Case Creations presents the Carat DS1 Deck Sleeve, an affordable and durable solution protect your collectable decks you wish to display or store.

The Carat DS1 is made of 0.3mm clear, archival safe PET, allowing full viewing of your deck from all sides while providing good protection against knocks and bumps. It fits most decks from the major playing card printers (including Cartamundi, EPCC, HPCC, LPCC, TWPCC and USPCC). Its low profile allows you to store your decks as you normally would on your shelf, in your drawer, in storage boxes or anywhere else.

The Carat DS1 is extremely light, weighing around 8g or 0.25 oz. and comes unfolded to make it easy to ship. Once ready to use, simply peel off the protective film, fold the flaps together and assemble the deck sleeve.