Black Ink Playing Cards

Black Ink Playing Cards

Black Ink Playing Cards is the creator of over a half dozen successful playing card projects on Kickstarter. The owner and creator, Jody Eklund combines a historical emphasis and a unique style that reflects a real eye for great design. Every creation has the magician, cardist and collector in mind.

Jody's talent has led Black Ink playing cards to be highly collectable and respected by the playing card community. If you have never witnessed his work for yourself, we highly recommend them.


Introducing TITANS, THE Robber Baron Edition

Titans are defined as "one that is gigantic in size or power: one that stands out for greatness of achievement." The men in this deck of cards were referred to as "Titans of Industry".  For over three decades, the rise of new industries and technologies revolutionized the entire world. This made many men very wealthy and with their great achievements, came ruthless behavior an abuse of power. The capitalists of the late 19th century became know as "Robber Barons".

The kings and jacks depict those that build empires through ruthless means and the queens are women that spent their life's energy to liberate those oppressed in many ways. It's a story of juxtaposition; misuse of power and strength from weakness, oppression and liberation..